Refund Policy

Our Easy Game warrants that should a user receive a failed/failing result due to the service provided by our tutors, we will refund your payment and/or credit your account.

Our promise is a score of 10 points above class average (meaning B and above), considered that the tutor will have at least 48 hours to prepare for the task. Everything in less than 48 hours guarantees a minimum of a passign grade and above.

N.B.: If the student ever miss to send lectures related to the tutor, refund policy does not work as the student did not do his part of sending the full information related to the request.

We handle refunds on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of making users satisfied.

For more information, or to claim a refund, contact us on: +1 832-774-7941  in order for us to collect evident support documents and look into your case.